Bài hát nhat ky cua me (english version) bởi vì ca sĩ Thuc Anh nằm trong thể nhiều loại Au My Khac.

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Bài hát: Nhật Ký Của Mẹ (English Version) - Thục AnhHow many days I"ve been waiting for your coming to this worldCherished inside me, was there a laughter of an infant forming up?Suddenly I wake up, & then I see your tiny size lượt thích an angelYou burst into lớn tears, my eyes are red, thank you for coming to lớn me.My lovely dear, do you know that I love sầu love you so much.Looking at you in a cradleYour wide eyes, oh honey.Looking at your Dad, he"s happyAnd his tears are coming out, you can see that he"s crying for you.One day i wake up and i can hear your whistle khổng lồ me : "Mama"Your tiny lips suddenly sounded , this makes my heart jumping out.This is the ground, this is the sky, this is the place you were born.Then You toddle after your Dad, placing your first step in life.My lovely dear, do you knowI love sầu you, love you so muchKeep walking, I am here, follow your every steps.Tomorrow, when you grow up, life is not like you still hope.Keep always standing up & moving on.The first day to lớn class, I go with you, you go after my baông chồng.The cicadas in late summer, welcome you under sunshine...Day after day, you love your school, and friends và your kind teachersMy lovely dear, be a good child, i am so happy inside.Oh my honey , vị you know I love sầu you most in this life.Many nights you stay awake, I feel so heart - rending.Then every exam follows, your childhood passes quicklyI hope you will success tomorrowOne day, I see you vague smile, a rose under the tableThere is a name in your letter, this must be someone you love sầu.One day I see , you look so sad, the rose is still here for you, the leaves are green, the flower blooms, but I see your heart is blue.Oh my dear, vày you know, I love sầu you love sầu you so much.The first love of your life, it"s not easy khổng lồ forget.And the moon will cover you, sunlight comes after the rain.Someone will love you more than I bởi.One day you grow up, you can decide, one day you have sầu khổng lồ leave meOn your firm feet, face to lớn the world, you spread your wings with freedomDay after day,night after night, I feel I miss you so muchMiss your figure, miss your smiles, in every moment in lifeMy lovely dear, vày you know that I love sầu you most in this worldWherever you go to lớn, be assured I am still glad.Every letter with my love, I ask the clouds bring lớn you.Wish you always be happy forever.How many days I"ve sầu been waiting for your coming back khổng lồ me.Inside my mind, the memories of your innocent childhood.Suddenly wake up, then I see you still tiny as an angelMy eyes are red from happy tears. Thank you for coming to me