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Meet the Beautiful Announcer and Korean TV Personality, Oh Jung Yeon

Oh Jeong-yeon is a beautiful news announcer và Korean TV personality. She graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University. She got accepted at a KBS public announcer audition & started gained popularity as smart và pretty news announcer since 2006.

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Throughout her career in the Korean entertainment industry, she has endured several difficult periods due lớn her lãng mạn relationship with a popular figure. Due to her problem, she lost more than 11 kilogam of toàn thân weight. She got over the difficult period & started gaining popularity as TV personality.

In this article, will talk about Oh Jeong-yeon. So stay tuned!

Full Profile


Name : Oh Jung-yeon

Date of Birth : January 18, 1983

Place of Birth : South Korea

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 46 kg

Management : SM C&C

Education : Seoul University, Majoring in Thể Thao Education

Seogang University, Majoring in Theatre và Movies

Blood type : B

Instagram : jungyeon.oh

Twitter : jyworld83

Oh Jung-yeon is a former announcer turned TV personality. She debuted in 2006 through the 32th KBS Public Audition. Before enrolling in the KBS audition, she started her career as a news announcer at local TV, MBC Cheongju. She joined KBS as news announcer from 2006 khổng lồ February, 2016. In năm 2016, she debuted as an actor after appearing in the MBC drama Working Mom, House Daddy.

During her university days, Oh Jeong-yeon joined Seoul Univeristy’s female ski team, along with actress Kyên ổn Tae-hee & Lee Ha-nui. They became good friends after joining the team. Later days, she joined the ballet department và broadcasting activity.

Weight Loss & Gained Weight


In August 2019, Oh Jeong-yeon appeared on jTBC’s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator. She revealed her drastic weight increase on the show. Oh Jeong-yeon confessed that she endured a difficult period the previous year, và lost about 6 kilogam of weight. At the moment, after going through all the troubles, she gained around 11 kgs of weight before shedding another 6 kilogam.

Though she didn’t state exactly her problems, netizens suspected that she referred to her previous relationship with H.O.T member, Kangta. Most citizens gave positive comments and encouraged her khổng lồ move on from her previous relationship. They said that she deserved a better person than Kangta.

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Relationship With Kangta


In August 2019, the member of H.O.T, Kangta, became a topic of public discussion after his cheating scandal surfaced on the mạng internet. He was involved with three different women, Actress Jung Yu-mày, announcer Oh Jeong-yeon, và racing Model Woo Joo-ahn, at the same time. The racing model posted a picture of her lying on the floor with Kangta on her Instagram account. Later, the post was deleted. The very same day, news surfaced about Kangta’s relationship with actress Jung Yu-mi. Later, Oh Jeong-yeon posted on her Instagram trương mục about her relationship with Kangta. She posted that she spotted Kangta sleeping with another woman when she visited his house. She also added that Kangta didn’t show any sign of regret after the cheating. It was suspected that the woman was racing Mã Sản Phẩm Woo Joo-ahn. Woo Joo-ahn revealed that Oh Jeong-yeon was Kangta’s ex-girlfrikết thúc.

Through her Instagram post, Oh Jeong-yeon revealed that it was a shoông chồng when finding her now-ex-boyfriover in bed with another woman. Her boyfrikết thúc told her that he would go home page early, but he was found in bed with another woman. She expressed her dissatisfaction due to the status of her ex-boyfriend as a K-Pop idol. She revealed that she experienced the disgusting affair about two years ago, & that she has gotten over the relationship. When she noticed that her ex-boyfriend’s name và his micăng thẳng appeared on the top search ranking, she felt encouraged to lớn tell the truth, saying that her ex-boyfriend should be punished for his cheating. She expected lớn find justice from Korean citizens.

According khổng lồ an interview with Oh Jeong-yeon on August 3rd, 2019, Korean online media outlet OSEN reported that Oh Jeong-yeon met Kangta at his concert, Coming Home, which was held on November 6th, 2016. Kangta và Oh Jeong-yeon started a lãng mạn relationship since November năm 2016. During their relationship, the couple met almost every day. She went to lớn Kangta’s house in April 2017, và she saw Woo Joo-ahn there.

Divorce With Seo Jang-hoon


When she worked as co-host of Star Golden Bell, she met the popular professional Korean basketball athlete, Seo Jang-hoon, và married hlặng in 2008. Their wedding became a hot topic at the time, since Seo Jang-hoon was at the peak of his popularity as a famous athlete. Instead of holding a luxurious wedding ceremony, the couple opted for a simple wedding. They became the media’s favorite couple due to their public affection.

Their marriage didn’t last long. Three years after they wed, the celebrity couple announced their divorce. Difference in personality was the reason behind their split. Oh Jeong-yeon registered the divorce on March 14th, 2012, at Seoul Family Court. However, before the unfortunate breakup, news about their separation had been surfacing since the end of 2011.

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